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The Largest Data Breaches of 2018 and What's Coming in 2019

Mitchell Gross 0 241

In this digital age we live in, cyber threats are all around us. We can't stop every threat that comes our way, but we can prepare ourselves to mitigate the threats quickly. 2018 has shown us many data breaches and what hackers are capable of. At RB Advisory we want to help you be prepared for any cyber threat. As the new year dawns upon us, lets take a look back at some of the top breaches of 2018 and what we can expect to see in 2019.

The Cybersecurity 202: California's Internet of Things Cybersecurity Bill Could Lay Groundwork for Federal Action

Anonym 0 159

The issue in cybersecurity of securing various everyday devices that are now connected to the internet is being brought to the forefront for the first time. California Bill SB-327 is the instrument to do just that. Past events have brought awareness to the need for security on connected devices to be regulated and the bill is a first step. Critics have said the bill lacks the ability to affect change due to how it is written and what it regulates specifically. But other bills that have stagnated on the federal level would benefit from this legislation being passed.  Despites its drawbacks and what change it may cause, the future of internet of things regulation depends on its passage.

Internet of things devices connect to the internet and thus are another avenue to a potential cyber attack. The largest threats reside in how a hacker can use compromised devices to attack larger networks and security systems. Gil Press from notes that effective strategies found to help with the identification and expulsion of IoT threats include monitoring data feeds, endpoint security software, encryption, and passwords (Press, 2017).


Press, G. (2017, March 20). 6 Hot Internet of Things (IoT) Security Technologies. Retrieved September 27, 2018,  from

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