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Stem Summit 2019 - Valencia College

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The 2019 STEM Summit hosted by the Central Florida STEM Alliance (CFSA) will take place on Valencia’s West Campus on April 5th. Join RB Advisory and many other excellent speakers as we speak about STEM. RB Advisory will be leading a workshop on Social Media and Cybersecurity from 10:55am – 11:40am.

This event is a wonderful opportunity for students to learn more about STEM degree programs, research experiences, and career paths. Presenters from university and industry partners will be in attendance, including the Boeing, City of Orlando, FAMU, NASA, Siemens, UCF, UF, USF and more. 

The Largest Data Breaches of 2018 and What's Coming in 2019

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In this digital age we live in, cyber threats are all around us. We can't stop every threat that comes our way, but we can prepare ourselves to mitigate the threats quickly. 2018 has shown us many data breaches and what hackers are capable of. At RB Advisory we want to help you be prepared for any cyber threat. As the new year dawns upon us, lets take a look back at some of the top breaches of 2018 and what we can expect to see in 2019.


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