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Understanding the Importance of Cybersecurity for Organizations
Mitchell Gross
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Understanding the Importance of Cybersecurity for Organizations

All new technologies present themselves with the benefits of the product as well as the threats surrounding them. This holds true when applied to the implementation of information technology (IT) systems in organizations. It can improve the workflow of the organization but has the potential to be threatened by cyber-attacks. The goal of cybersecurity for organizations is simple, to protect computer-based devices, company-owned data from unauthorized and unexpected access, illegal data changes, and from other potential threats.

A report from Cybersecurity Venture in collaboration with the Herjavec Group in the 2017 Cybercrime Report, shows that damages caused by cyber-attacks are increasing. More companies continue to move to online services, including those engaged in advertising, sales, customer outreach, employee recruitment, and financial transactions. Seeing the importance of these types of businesses that are directly related to their technology, they hope to protect any attempts from outsiders to sabotage existing company infrastructure or data.

What makes our organization susceptible to cyber-attacks? When it comes to network systems, almost all aspects can be attacked such as hardware, IT-based services, customer data, and other sensitive information. In addition, cyber-attacks can also include theft or illegal takeover of computers and cellular devices, attacks on IT systems and websites remotely, and theft of company data stored by third party systems such as cloud services or partner companies.

Although many organizations are aware of the various potential threats, many of them are unfamiliar with the losses and impact of a cyber-attack. Cyber-attacks can be extremely detrimental to your organization because it can target many areas of importance simultaneously. If that happens, the organization can experience financial losses from loss of stored funds, increased costs for recovering and replacing stolen or destroyed devices, diminished company reputation, fees, and damages from the system being linked to other companies.

A recent report from Kapersky explains three types of cyber-attacks:

1. Denial-of-service

This attack manipulates the systems, networks, and applications so that their performance becomes very slow or stops working. When the company's system is hit by this attack, hackers will usually demand a ransom if they want to return the services to their original condition.

2. Malware and viruses

This attack uses malicious files or programs that are intentionally meant to infiltrate our systems, usually spread through e-mail, suspicious websites, and hardware connected to the organization's system. The incoming attack will damage the existing data or system with the purpose of taking information or causing damage to the computer systems. The attackers are stealthy and don’t alert that an attack has been made. The attack runs in the background and allows the damage to happen without knowing it is going on and makes it harder to remove. Typically a security tool would need to detect it or the user detects the device is running slow or missing files.

3. Botnets and zombies

Botnet is short for robot networks. It is an attack of computers connected to a centralized network. Victims of botnets are commonly referred to as zombies because their existence is already under the control of hackers. Botnets that are made to steal data will continue to improve its encryption capabilities so that it is more difficult to detect.

What Have we Learned?

These three types of attacks above lead us to draw one conclusion, cybersecurity for organizations is very important. No matter how big or small your organization is, the cybersecurity aspect must be a top priority. Cybersecurity in our digital business world has a growing need and plays a major role in the success of our organizations. The recourse from a cyber-attack has the ability to cause an organization to go bankrupt. It is in the best interest of each organization to do their due diligence by protecting their customer and business data. Is your organization’s cybersecurity posture where it needs to be?

RB Advisory is your one stop shop for all your cybersecurity needs. Let us make sure your organization has the proper level of cybersecurity based on your needs. Setup your free discovery consultation today! Email us at or call us at 407-796-8079 for more information.


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