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Education and Awareness Training


Are you concerned with the latest cyber breaches?


Are you unsure of how to prevent cyber attacks against your organization?


RB Advisory provides the expert knowledge you need in order to protect your organization and its assets. RB Advisory offers speaking engagements tailored to organizations large or small and can provide a customized educational session for employees. Topics covered include: general cybersecurity, cyber risk management, cyber compliance, industry specific cybersecurity knowledge, employee cyber awareness training, and much more!


Regine Bonneau, CEO and Founder of RB Advisory, has done countless educational presentations and speaking engagements such as the following:

  • Cybersecurity for Startups

  • Cyber Risk for the Financial Housing Markets

  • Cyber Risk Management

  • Cyber Insurance

  • Cybersecurity for Department of Defense Contracts

  • Third Party Vendor Risk Management

  • Incident Response Plans

  • General Data Protection Regulation

  • Cybersecurity for Non-profits

  • Cybersecurity Skills Gap

  • Employee Awareness Training

  • Cybersecurity is essential to all businesses, request your customized educational session now!


‚ÄčContact us today or email for further details on how we can educate your organization and its employees on the most important cybersecurity best practices . 

We believe that education and awareness is the true key to minimizing cyber risk. In 2016, 42% of cyber breaches were due to human and employee error. For a small to mid-size business, a risk is translated into the employees being the number one variable business success. While investing in security technology is vital, it’s just as important to invest in the education of your employees and customers.

Our education and training programs include:

  • Data security training

  • Cybersecurity awareness training

  • Phishing

  • Social Engineering

  • Cybersecurity for the C-Suite

  • Incidence Response Plan

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