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Change Management

Change Management

Change Management is a procedure that controls any modifications to the configuration of desktops, servers and network hardware and/or software. This can include adding, removing, or updating any of the items mentioned above. These changes could affect the security posture if they do not match the previous rules established on the systems. It is important to assign staff members to the Change Management Process to approve any changes in a systematic manner.

There are several criteria to evaluate when a change request is received:

  • Budgeting
  • Scheduling
  • Resource management
  • Security implementation

All requests for changes must be evaluated and approved or disapproved in order to maintain a secure environment and monitor who has access. All change requests need to be recorded on a change request log where their status can be traced. The designated members are responsible for maintaining the log by recording change requests and updating their status as changes are made.

Reason why your change management program is insufficient:

  • No process in place to determine when changes should be made
  • Slow change management process caused by delays, requests being ignored, or indecisiveness
  • Legacy thinking rather than agile planning
  • Poor succession planning
  • Management out of the loop

RB Advisory can successfully prepare you for Change Management to ensure the life cycle of a change request follows a defined procedure. We ensure the steps involved in the change request procedure are recorded in the change request log. RB Advisory works with organizations to develop a comprehensive and effective security change management program.

Contact us to make sure you have an effective change management plan.

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